How to export keynote into PowerPoint without changing the contents

I have an issue over here… everytime I tried to export keynote into PowerPoint, it change my content. So I wonder if there is a way to do it without changing my stuff.

I haven’t done much of that, so there could be plenty I don’t know. What I do know is that the 2 competing applications are not really meant to be compatible; certainly not 100%. To some extent they are mutually proprietary by design.

I’d be comfortable saying, in any case, that if your deliverable is a Powerpoint file, the only correct way to proceed is to build it from scratch in Powerpoint.

I’d also say that if you’re getting a Keynote-to-Powerpoint conversion that’s only partially inaccurate, consider yourself lucky, and set about fixing (in Powerpoint) whatever broke in the conversion.

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When you say it changed your content, what do you mean? Do you mean its rescaling things, changing words, changing shapes, colors are shifting, etc.?

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Ya, it rescale my stuff, change the font and also my animation

Well, conversion does better with some things than others. I’m surprised that its changing the fonts (unless you mean when you send it to someone else it looks different, that is more common because they don’t have the font on their end … in PowerPoint on a PC you can fix that by embedding the font.)

The rescaling is hard to say, but the animation … I understand that will probably change unless it’s something very basic. You may have to try and recreate the effect in PowerPoint.

I will say, if you know that your final file will need to be in PowerPoint, just start in PowerPoint.

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