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Been looking for a logo designer for almost a month, started my company July 17th (it is incorporated) didn’t realize it would be so time consuming, I have a job willing to hire the right person for logo creation, preferably in Canada; is anyone available and interested in this type of one off design work

You may be asking the wrong questions to get the right designer.

Seasoned designers who can help communicate the ethos and identity of your business usually don’t get involved in logo design, per se. It’s not about creating a pretty logo to go in the corner of your business card, website, etc. It is about creating a brand identity, or rather visually representing the brand you already have. It’s about determining your target audience and communicating with them, using the right tone of voice.

You definitely won’t get that from a crowd-source type site (if that’s where you have been looking) and it will definitely cost you more than the $50 race-to-the-bottom fees you’d be quoted there. However, the question has to be how much do you value your company, your customers and your brand? I would imagine a lot more than that.

Oh yes, sorry; welcome to the forum.

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I agree with you. Like every other educational field, we should always rely on the expertise of a graphic designing who has a holistic knowledge about this field. @Davidc I suggest you to fill your business with a number of expertise instead a number of employees. A professional graphic designer would help you create abespoke identity of your brand with in-depth knoweledge of cutting-edge techniques. Although, if you still want to try a seasonal logo designer then you can find one fiver at relatiely low budget.

You always get what you pay for.

Yes you are right. I would never ever suggest anyone to compromise over the up-front of your business due to less budget. You should always set high goals and make a great team to achieve them.

So where do freelance graphic designers advertise they are for hire? I get a lot of pop up adds, but not sure if they are legit…call me old fashioned but I think i should be communicating directly with the designer…not an intermediate…

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You definitely should be talking direct. The only way you will get an effective result is by talking directly to an experienced designer.

You could post here in the classifieds section, but you may not get a local designer (that is less important than you might think. Most of my clients are a at least a hundred miles away). You could look at Adobe’s Behance and filter results for your town. Ideally you want a designer who comes recommended.

Most importantly, you need to be able to trust their judgement. Although you have like and stand behind the results – it will be your flag, after all – often, it is not down to personal likes and dislikes. It is about communicating in an accurate way. That’s where the trust bit comes in. You need to find a designer, in whom you have confidence that they know what they are doing.

Just be thorough in your vetting. There are a lot of unqualified charlatans out there these days, so choose carefully. You need to find someone who asks you the right questions and is interested in your business, your market / audience, etc. If a designer uses the term ‘cool logo’; run. Run very fast.

Ultimately what you are doing is trying to tell the story of what drives you and your business. If you could sit in front of every potential customer and talk about your passion and drive, you’d make a fortune. Unfortunately, you can’t. This is what brand communication is all about. Establishing a visual identity that represents who you are, what you do and the way you do it. A logo is part of it, but it is not the starting point. It comes only after discussion and understanding.

For this sort of work, you need an experienced designer, who understands how to interpret and evoke emotional responses through the use of colour and typography, image, language, etc, etc.

Good luck

I’ll toss out an idea that others here might frown at since it’s a form of crowdsourcing, but it avoids the contests and, instead, connects up clients and designers to discuss the job — just like a traditional client-designer relationship., for example, has a different model where potential clients post jobs on which interested designers can bid. The client has the opportunity to read the bid proposals and look through portfolios before selecting designers to interview. You can interview as many as you’d like, but in the end, you select a designer and agree on a contract before the designer proceeds to begin work.

That said, these kinds of platforms (like Upwork) also have been affected by a race-to-the-bottom mentality, so if all you’re looking for is cheap, you’ll find it. There are also good, reputable, experienced, professional designers there too, but they’re typically more inclined to respond only to the higher-paying jobs or direct invitations to bid.

There’s also, where you can browse through designers’ portfolios and make decisions on whom to contact about the job.

As already mentioned in previous posts, if all you’re thinking is a logo, you’re sort of missing the bigger picture of a logo being just one component in a visual branding strategy. A good designer will ask you about that and give you advice. A less-than-good designer will just take the logo job, draw a pretty picture to your liking and quickly move on to the next job before you realize that the logo you liked isn’t necessarily the logo that, for various reasons, will work best for your needs.

Hi David C,
There are a large number of logo designers available in freelance marketplaces. If you have any idea about that. If yes, you only need to make your account either in Fiverr or Upwork and put your request there. You would receive a great many offers against this single request from all the countries. You can judge the best logo designer by checking their profile and portfolio. Just spend a little more time in comparing their works. You know well what abilities you want to see in your logo designer and select the one having all that.
Hope it will be helpful.

I sure as heck would NOT recommend 5R…
Upwork I have less of a problem with.

Can’t believe crowdsourcing sites are being mentioned! Absolutely shame.

Couldn’t agree more.

On the bright side, what’s $25?

This something that no professional designer should ever advocate. Its the lowest common denominator in design procurement. It is a terrible deal for designers and a very bad solution for clients.

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You need to check the portfolio to find a logo designer.

Or check at your local Chamber of Commerce. Or ask the manager of a business whose logo you admire for the name of their designer. Or ask your local sign printer who they would suggest for a branding designer (we know EVERYBODY, LOL.)

Hey Davidc
Simply you can Search on Google logo Designer Companies or Logo Designer Freelancer and contact them,


Have you seen how many pages of google returns you would get for any one of those? For best results, you might really want to limit it to local. And word of mouth is the best reference.

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