How to find more data about the audience/ visitors of a website?

How to research about the audience and figure out their needs? How to find more about the demographics which can’t be found using google ad planner and other similar sites?

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I’d like to ask if this is a website you own and/or operate or if this is a website you are just curious about?

If it is the former then Google Analytics is a free and fairly useful tool. You should be able to easily set it up for the website and then gather basic information about your site visitors like; user location, time of visit, and how they found your site (organically, referral, etc.)

I’m sure there are many other tools out there that get into some more specifics of the user, but if you’re looking for something free and easy to use I would start with Google Analytics.

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There’s also Statcounter, for those who are tired of Everything Google.

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What if I have no control over the site only the client has control over it? Then how should I find out the site demographics without any paid tools. Or what if the site is owned by the competition?

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Do you want your competition to be able to see your demographics?

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If the client has installed the little piece of code that enables Google Analytics to track the site traffic, the client can grant you access to his/her Google Analytics account.

You can’t access that kind of information unless the person who owns it grants you permission.

There are websites that estimate traffic to various popular websites, however. Here’s a link with some details:

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Good stuff, B, thanks for sharing.

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