How to find scrip font?

we all know that we can find the name of the typeface with font finders like what the fonts in online. but they are only work with regular serif, sans serif fonts. we can’t able to find the script, calligraphic, hand lettered fonts in an image that we like, using this font finders. Please tell me, is there any way to identify these fonts?

If it’s an image in Photoshop you can use the Marquee tool and draw a rectangle around the font you want to identify.

Type>Match Font and it will give some suggestions.

You can also use the same method to crop your crop your image and save it and upload it to a site like

If you don’t find a good match - you are then given the option of submitting it to their forum - and someone maybe able to find it.

Or just ask here.


With script fonts the problem is often cursive or joined up letters. When I have to match a font like this, I isolate the letters first (usually in PhotoShop but whatever works).

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