How to fix Table of Contents in Adobe InDesign?

Dear All,

I have created Table of Contents in Adobe InDesign, though I have problem showing that the heading 1 of the Chapter 4 is showing last of Chapter 3. Some chapter 2 to 3 are shifting above chapters. Could you someone suggest me please? Your suggestion is highly appreciated.


TOC comes in the way text is threaded through the document.

Have you got your Show Threads turned on in View from the top menu?

If you’ve used lots of different text frames it will come in the order the text frames were generated.

Looks like you’ll have to a bit of tidying up on the document to ensure the correct text is coming in where it should.


Thank you for your kind reply. I have attached screenshots. The new text box begins from chapter 4.


can you try to use File>Export and choose IDML
Then open that and save it as a new file.
Regenerate the TOC and see if it’s fixed up.

I exported idml file but it’s not working.

What is not working?

Can you show us your TOC setup in the dialog for the TOC creation?

Please find attached screenshot.


Can’t really put my finger on it.

If you were to copy the text to a new file as a test - then create the TOC doe the same thing happen?