How to get better at drawing?

Other then practicing everyday, what are some tips to enhance my drawing skills. With pursuing a degree in graphic design I think it would be more effective for the client, and company to have a better understanding of the concept. Eventually, I want to do illustration particularly, still life and life drawing. If you can give me some tips that I can practice everyday that would be great.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

If you don’t have this book, you should buy it. It’s the best book ever written on how to draw. Seriously.

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I was told by Mad Magazine in 1990 to draw
draw while watching TV
draw while on the bus
draw while eating green ham and eggs on a boat
draw draw
then get tips on how to use secrets or guidelines to what you are drawing
for instance if you are drawing the body, draw the elbows symmetrically.
that book Just-B is “the book”
just stay away from anemi, the field is flooded with that genre.

What B said. That book is the most excellent and I recommend it to all students learning to draw.
But it is very important you go front to back without skipping, no matter how dumb the exercises seem. Some of them seem really dumb, but they all accomplish the purpose of teaching you to “see.”

I think EB meant Anime comics. They have their place as a style, but very limited in the real world beyond fan art.

I just had a thought about improve drawing techniques,
i never draw in the same area in my room for more than 3 months
somehow moving about changes the same patterns and refreshes the scenes i draw.
and have fun drawing

yeah that Japanese comic book art (animation-mi “mi” to look)
I See that everywhere these past years and everyone is drawing those images on their iPads
same eyes, pose and colors. “too much and too similar”
If the Utamaro and Hokusai era Ukiyo-e every became popular again, I’d be a Zenonaire!

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I hadn’t been on DeviantArt for a long while, had reason to the other day. The amount of anime is a downright shame.

Practise everyday.

Look up artists whose drawing you admire. Find out strong points of their work. Apply to your own drawings.

Practise everyday.

Can’t really get better at drawing by reading.

Do you know any other good drawing books?

there is a really good book by Crason, Strathmore, Pearl and other art supply shops
they are located in the drawing supplies usually white, or brown paper spiral bound or glued
these books come in multi sizes for on the go or at home
the cheaper ones might be a better option now.
oh, they sell these book online as well.

Other books depends on what your want to draw.
The Burne Hogarth series provides a lot of good books with studies in dynamic drawing. He also has a few that deal with things like “wrinkles and drapery” and “light and shadows.”

Books on human or animal anatomy are good too.

Drawing is all about learning to SEE. Not what you think you see, but what actually is there. Spatial relationships are absolutely key. That’s why I said do not skip any exercises in that DOTRSOTB book, no matter how stupid you think it might be. It teaches you to unsee what you think you see.

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