How to get client?

How to get the clinet?

Hello,i have just started,i have Adobe Illustrator,then this is question.
Did i need and Adobe Photoshop for creating something?


Generally speaking, Illustrator is for working with vector graphics, and Photoshop is for working with bitmap graphics. You asked if you need Photoshop for creating something. If that something is bitmap graphics, yes, you will need Photoshop.


You aren’t going to get client with illustrator and photoshop.

Welcome to the forum AdiM2006.

What kind of clients are you looking for, and what do you want to do for them?

Yes you will be needing adobe photoshop.

If I knew the answer to “How to get client”, would I be spending my time partaking in forum discussion?

As Louis Armstrong once said, “If you have to ask, I can’t tell you.”

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If you want to know about total Graphic Design you must know at lest tow software Photoshop & Illustrator this my opinion.

Knowing Graphic Design is NOT about knowing the software.
Graphic design existed LONG before the software.

Getting clients is based on experience, skill, professionalism a knowledge of what “sells” and having the research tools necessary to give your client the best return on their investment in you.

The software is just the hammer and saw you use to build the solution.


but personally id also like how you guys are obtain new clients, and what is a good reference to learn from. I already know my general knowledge in typography, color theory, image manipulation , basically im already done with schooll, just looking to obtain new clients if anyone has positive feedback please reply back. thank you

typography, color theory, image manipulation (?) are all just theories.
If you don’t know how to apply them in the real world of design, that’s all they will ever be. Theories.

See my post above.

“Getting clients is based on experience, skill, professionalism a knowledge of what “sells” and having the research tools necessary to give your client the best return on their investment in you.”

Many new clients come from past performance, as in word-of-mouth; “Wow, who came up with that?”. Unfortunately, that’s just one of the ways in which experience plays a big role. If you have no clients, you have to find other ways to get your best (potential) product in front of people who might need work done. These days, a lot of people think that means “social media,” and to some extent, that’s not necessarily a terribly flawed notion, but it’s possible a designer can post masterpieces online daily without any of it ever reaching the decision makers in (what should be) their market. That’s where old-fashioned, in-the-flesh networking comes in. To get a B2B endeavor off the ground, your B at some point has to be visible to other B’s in ways that aren’t just blind hope.

By “blind hope” I mean just running ads (online, in print), posting to social media, loading up a portfolio web site, etc. Beyond that, you have to show up somewhere in a place where you’ll meet people, where you can charm people, where you can sell your service first-hand and demonstrate to them that you’re an expert; that you’ve thought about their business, their prospects, their potential; that you have ideas; ideas they can use; ideas they want to have for themselves; things they wish they had thought of. This isn’t graphic design or exposure for your graphic design work. It’s design—strategy design—all research, all talking, all presenting—acting, in fact.

If you meet a woman who owns a regional chain of bakeries and tell her 3 things you know about her bakery business, her market, her products, and then say something she’s never heard anyone else say about those things, she’ll want more of you. You can pull that off because you did the research legwork; you know about her business and how it’s performing; about the promotions she runs and how they’ve succeeded or failed; about the level of brand recognition she’s established and its place in the customer experience she offers. You knew 3 months ago that she attends the local Chamber of Commerce meetings where you’re now meeting her “by chance.” You know her products because you’ve tried them and can offer first-hand commentary. You’ve asked others about them. There’s even more to it, but to make a long story less long, you’ve practically stalked this poor woman to the point where it’s criminal activity but with great entrepreneurial skill, you come off like a closet expert with a passing interest and far too much else to do to get wrapped up in her stuff. This is how you market Marketing.

It takes a lot of luck and timing too, but without active pursuit, you won’t get far. Find 3 business-principal candidates upon whom to perpetrate this nefarious scheme, put in the time and effort to do all the squirrel work described above, dress nicely, and speak well. You shall get client.

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