How to get header and plain text start at the same position?

Hello all, the html-coder who codes my site, says he can’t the header (A) in line with the plain text ©.
Maby I’ll see later; Both (A) and © have to move to point (B)

But what’s happening here?
Allready thanks for the answers. :wink:

Btw: I don’t have the html- and / or css-code here.


I didn’t dig enough into it to see what’s causing the misalignment, but it’s a CSS issue that could easily be fixed. This doesn’t get at the root of the problem, but adding the following to the CSS is a workaround.

.entry-title {
	margin-left: -10px;
.entry-content {
	margin-left: 9px;

You have two CSS classes — entry-title and margin-content that are associated with the headline and the body text. There’s also a class named entry-header that might play into it. A quick look at your external style sheet didn’t even turn up instances of, at least, entry-title even being defined.

Anyway, you can add parameters to these classes to control the position of the objects they style. The best place to do this is in the external CSS file. Open that file, and look for them. If they exists, alter them using variations of the code I typed in above. If these classes don’t exist, add them.

If I had 15 minutes, I could figure this out for you, but I’ve given you some clues

The html coder was successful in applying this code. It’s working. Thanx! :wink:

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