How to get the experience in field of Graphics?

Hey, I wish to know that after learning the tools of the world of graphics design. What is the next step ? Also is there is any site where folks can test their skills by entering competitions and then faced critique by professionals?

Online contests and professionals don’t really ever mix in any way that you could use to an advantage. There may be other sites, but right here at GDF is the only place I’ve seen online where design consistently receives honest, pro-level critique.


You might know the tools, but do you know the theory?

And what HB said. Professional Graphic design isn’t like the amateur online art contests. Graphic Design is judged on how well it improves the end client’s bottom line. It isn’t about art.

Gaining meaningful experience means working in the field under a more knowledgeable mentor. I know that isn’t what today’s young person wants to hear, but that’s still the best route to gain the most useful experience. And darn near impossible to accomplish, sadly.


In addition to what was already said, think about what you are passionate about in relation to Graphic Design.

Like if you enjoy drawing by hand then continue to do that everyday and save a digital copy of each one for potential portfolio use.

Maybe you like logo design, look up any company whose logo you don’t like or doesn’t make sense. Go on their website to learn their history and services. Create a new logo.

And then of course for anything you make and feel is up to the challenge, create a crit-pit thread here and we’d all be happy to give you feedback.


I agreed, but new designers don’t get client due to lack of experience. In this case what designers should do to excel further in career?

Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to hear about each field of design road map like you have given me the idea about the logo design to create concept logos of the companies and show that how it can be better.

So how you guy judge yourself or evoles?

The typical road to freelance should be to get an education, work as a junior then senior designer for several years (more than 5, usually close to 10) then maybe consider that freelance career. If I were a business owner, I wouldn’t want to entrust my livelihood and bottom line profit margin to someone who is just starting out themselves and has no idea how to run their own business, let alone mine.
You can’t just say, “I am a Designer now” and expect anyone to believe you. With prior work in the industry you will have worked on some projects that you can point to and say “this is how we solved this end client’s communication challenge, and here are the metrics that proved we did it.”

Without that, you are in the typical Catch-22 of not being able to get experience because you can’t get clients cuz you can’t get clients without experience.

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To be clear, the logo idea is just an exercise/practice. I would never actually redesign a logo and then bring it to the business to show what they could have.

Here is an intro Blog to all the various categories of design. I recommend reading through each to understand the differences and see if any appeal to you. Then pick one category and use the bulleted list as a guide of options to practice.

Good luck!

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I’m not sure that’s an appropriate blog to link to, considering the source. LOL!
Not even gonna click it…It’s lunch time.

If you just want to get experience using the tools and seeing the application, working in print or production of some sort will get you that - but it won’t get you the theory and intellectual tools that you’d get from proper design classes, and those really make the difference.

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From where we can get proper design classes?

Here’s a place. One among many.

In much of the world, the usual way to learn design basics is through a three- or four-year program at a college or university combined with various internships. After graduation, it’s a matter of finding an entry-level job working under the direction of more experienced designers and art directors.

How the process works in your country. I don’t know.

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