How to handle Spoiler review on Google Local Listing?

One of my competitors is writing negative reviews often

  • He is not a real customer.
  • He doesn’t have any queries or complaints to resolve.
  • He is writing spoiler reviews from different fake accounts.

I have flagged those reviews as inappropriate and submitted to google. But no response. Please advise how to handle it.

Nip it in the butt before it gets bad.

Google won’t do anything and you’ll never be able to move them if they don’t want to move. So you have to go after the person doing the damage:

  1. This is a question for a lawyer. Go to The American Bar Association website, there is a link somewhere on there that you pay about $50 for 3 one hour consultations with a lawyer. It’s so cheap because you are not that lawyers client and so you don’t get the lawyer-client privilege. In an hour conversation they will tell you how to fill out a cease and desist letter (to start) and advise you of any other steps you should take.

Record Every Single Review you feel is coming from this person and save them as hard and soft copies. That way if they are remove, you can give the lawyer time stamps and other identifying info. In addition, because this is internet based, if the level of harassment reaches legal standards for damages this can be brought in Federal Court.

They have nowhere to hide from the Feds.

Very good advice, you have given so detailed advice that is actionable. Nowadays these type of activities are increasing day by day. One have to protect oneself from these type of internet fake reviews.

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