How to improove my logo?

Im missing something here…
I want to make audio transformers…I did that alone, but lacking something…help?

At the risk of sounding overly harsh, I don’t think there’s anything here to fix. In other words, you’re not going to tweak this or make any adjustments and end up with a great logo. Sorry. If you’re serious about creating a profitable business, I’d suggest you look into hiring a qualified graphic designer that can give you a good visual foundation from which you can grow.

Also, you might want to check with an attorney to see if there are any issues with your company’s name and the band Kraftwerk.


Definitely!—Especially since you are creating a logo in the audio creation industry! Your chances of getting sued are very high. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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Thanks for your concern, I already start proces of checking my name with authoritys.
I not ask about that, I ask about design.
But I see this is wrong adress.
Your answer is about : Dont do alone, pay me.
No, I dont want pay you,or no one else, I will do alone. With your help or without your help.
So, If you dont want to help, dont reply to this msg, it is not for you.

We don’t know anything about your business, where you are located, who your clientele is, or what part of the audio industry you are supplying transformers. Logos are not created in a vacuum. They are part of an overall branding strategy that connects you to your clients.
Does your logo work for that? Dunno.

I get the input/output part you are trying to convey.
Rethink the extremely thin black outline on the inner box (it’ll be a production pinch point in printing and sign creation).
Check your kerning.
Otherwise, I got nuthin’


What the others said, plus good logos still work when small and a hundred other things


Consider that a freebie. :grinning:

If by “wrong address” you mean “wrong website,” then probably. The folks on this site are mostly practicing professionals rather than DIYers.

Well, not so much as “pay me” because I wouldn’t touch this project with the proverbial 10 foot pole. But my answer was to hire a professional, yes.

Just curious, why are you so set on doing this yourself?

I thought my answer was helpful. Let me rephrase it and see if this helps any more. You are one hundred percent correct — the logo is lacking something. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are changes to be made to this logo that would turn it into a great logo. My suggestion would be to scrap this concept and start anew. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I was working on a logo last week that seemed like a good idea, but it did not execute well. I scrapped it and moved on to explore other options … and I have better than three decades in this business. It happens. Not all ideas are good ideas.


Thank you. This is not a reply. I know it’s not for me, but it improves my keyboard skills.

Thanks guys for profesional help.

Admin, please delete my account.
I dont want to be part of this coumunitty.

You were given professional help. I think what you were looking for was a pat on the back. You asked for help with no details about your business. Everyone was trying to help you as best they could with what little you offered. Good luck finding another forum to be more helpful.