How to Improve my Web Designing Skills

I am into the field of web designing for the last 2 months and now I feel that I need to brush my skills up and learn more things about how I can improve and make my design skills better.
I want some suggestions from experienced people who are also into this field and can help me in improving my skills

this site is very good, you just need a thick skin and an open mind.
and posting your work so we can help improve your skill will help.
we all started out as young, raw designers and grew off feedback.

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I don’t know how far you’ve advanced so Ill just keep it general. I would concentrate on 5 areas.

  1. Bootstrap 4 and grid development
  2. Working with PHP in dynamic design
  3. Advanced CSS 3 development like Import styles and pseudo-elements
  4. 508 ADA Code Compliance
  5. Building all your development to be responsive and social media friendly.

A good place to start is I wish you good luck in your growth.

Have you studied graphic design at all?

There are a few good books that will teach you basics (alignment, kerning, repetition of shape, diagrammatic lines, contrast…)

If not, RedKK seems to really know all the standards.

There are no shortcuts to improving your design skills. Practicing on production sites is a big no-no. So you need to create a safe space where you can try out new design principles without breaking anything.

Here are a few tips from my end that will help you to become a good web designer

  1. Build a Sandbox Where You Can Practice Design Fearlessly
  2. Get Inspiration From the World Around You
  3. Give and Receive Design Feedback
  4. Don’t Forget About Theory
  5. Pay Attention to Trends
  6. Participate in Design Competitions

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