How to improve technical skills?

My knowledge of illustrator is subpart how do I get better at the technical level?

Lots of practice by using it.

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Just-B is absolutely right. I dived into it head first because a job needed it and I was looking at Illustrator for the first time. I learned a most valuable life lesson: Necessity and desperation plus a client’s wrath are the most effective and merciless motivation.

There are plenty of video tutorials out there, some for beginners, some for quite specific effects, on YouTube and elsewhere. I would start here:

Every designer has it’s a learning curve, for some it may be less of a curve but everyone has one. I find that you learn most with practice (such a cliché right?). There are many great tutorials out there, just follow their steps and redo in your own way. That way you will be able to apply the design techniques next time you have your project. Hope that helped.

Jason Hoppe’s a great instructor for Adobe software. He has several Illustrator courses. He has a book coming out in May as well.

Learn your “Shortcut” key combinations!!! They will save your a tremendous amount of time.

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