How to Increase work flow by managing projects

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My name is Naeem and I’m new to the community. I do logo design branding. I don’t have a huge base of clientele so I utilize this time to perfect my craft. Right now my questions that I hope you guys could provide good insight on is managing projects. I would like to know how could I set up something where my customers go to a site, put in what they need and it comes to my email as a ticket. I feel like that would be very helpful in keeping things flowing and managing the work loads. What do you guys use/ What do you recommend?

Are you talking about existing clients, or new clients? If it’s the latter, it sounds like you are looking for a rare type of client, one that will hire you before interviewing you. If it’s the former, what’s wrong with email?

Are you in the USA?

Sounds like he’s looking for something one step above crowdsourcing. The kind of client who would sketch their logo on a napkin, take a picture of it and send it to someone to be realized in vector.

Logo design isn’t done by job ticket. Far more goes into proper logo design than just being a pair of hands for the client. Or not. The type of storefront software that would do this, though, is not cheap.

Or if they are existing clients? For the price of the software you seek, email is more cost effective.

A short article on web to print workflows for printers:

And a whole bunch of solutions (in no particular order.)

I use for exchanging files, comments, etc. It’s free, although has a pro version.

It would work for an existing customer with a previously discussed project. They can upload files, you can download, and vice versa. Plenty of room for comments, and you get a notification email when a file or comment is added to that particular project board.

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You can set up a site or email address to plop things directly into Trello as well, which’d give you almost exactly what you want. So +1 to DocPixel’s suggestion.

But I’d also second the email idea, I don’t think something like a proper helpdesk system that’s automatically going to email the person back and say “you’re ticket number 382” is going to give you much unless you have just-so-many requests coming in.

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