How to justify 4k monitor

Hi! I work for City Hall and I’m requesting an upgrade of my monitors which currently are 1080px. Some people has 1440px monitors, which would be an easier upgrade to request. But I would also like to advocate for 4k monitors. What would be some important points that I can argue in favor of a 4k as an important tool for my work? How pixel density is better for graphic design work? I work on posters, flyers, publications, etc, any graphic design needs any facility may have.

  1. If anyone is looking at the monitors up close, pixel density is a good point.
  2. If the monitor is an LED (not LCD) you get banding if it’s not 4K

You can get a 4K these days for the price of a good 1440. Not sure what the issue is - other than replacing equipment on taxpayer dime. Have you done any price comparisons?

Are you planning on doing any multi-media production on these monitors?

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