How to justify 4k monitor

Hi! I work for City Hall and I’m requesting an upgrade of my monitors which currently are 1080px. Some people has 1440px monitors, which would be an easier upgrade to request. But I would also like to advocate for 4k monitors. What would be some important points that I can argue in favor of a 4k as an important tool for my work? How pixel density is better for graphic design work? I work on posters, flyers, publications, etc, any graphic design needs any facility may have.

  1. If anyone is looking at the monitors up close, pixel density is a good point.
  2. If the monitor is an LED (not LCD) you get banding if it’s not 4K

You can get a 4K these days for the price of a good 1440. Not sure what the issue is - other than replacing equipment on taxpayer dime. Have you done any price comparisons?

Are you planning on doing any multi-media production on these monitors?

For me the biggest benefit is that I can fit more toolboxes and still see my work or have two windows open side by side. In fact I have an ultra wide monitor for this reason.

2 year old thread, reanimated with a post that reads like first-foray spam.


Yep … that’s exactly what it was. They just weren’t able to drop their link for Monitors lol … it was all over their profile though and they lied about their location. I still don’t know why that is such a popular thing to do. But, that seems to be Spammer training 101 … lie about your location lol :rofl:

I’ve often wondered about why spammers use such incompetent methods to spread their messages. For example, all URLs on this forum (and most others) have nofollow attribute values appended to the links in the code, which signals the search engines not to index the links, making them useless for SEO purposes.

There’s also the weird, forced, grammatically awkward, inappropriate and slightly wonky wording that spammers invariably use. It’s almost as though most spammers have gotten their know-how from a five-dollar spammer course on Fiverr.

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lmao B :smiley:

It makes you wonder if the businesses are actually selling many 4K monitors if turn to spam tactics to sell them.

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