How to make below pattern in adobe illustrator or any vector based software:

Hey there, this is my first post and question in " " so here goes:
I want to make the layout of wrestling world heavy championship belt below is the reference image link and output image link

  1. Find a better image.
    You aren’t going to get very far at all if you can’t see the elements you are drawing.
  2. You can’t use this commercially so is this just “for practice?”
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Thanks for Response:

  1. Below are link of the images which I am able to find on the internet so far:

  1. Yes I am making this to improve my adobe illustrator skill

Any suggestion from you will be appreciated

Are you attempting to recreate all the intricate patterns in it? This would be very time-consuming.

There’s really only one way to do it, and that is to import it into Illustrator and meticulously draw over all the patterns with the pen tool. This will be very tedious and not the item I would use for a practice exercise.

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Thanks for the respond. I thought there might be another way to trace this besides pen tool. Anyway thanks you all your for your response

You could try auto-tracing it, but it won’t turn out well. It’s also not a way of practicing.

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