How to make business cards with editable text

Hey guys, I’m new here and wondering what program people use to make documents and business cards etc that have editable text.

Adobe Acrobat? I see different versions so unsure.


Text is always editable.
Indesign usually for documents.
Business cards just get a one-up and go to the printer.
If you’re talking variable text, I use Indesign and Excel.

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To create business cards with editable text, use graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Open a new document with standard business card dimensions.
  2. Design the layout using shapes and text boxes.
  3. Add text using the “Type” tool, and customize font, size, and color.
  4. Save the file as an Illustrator (.ai) format to retain editability.
  5. Optionally, export to PDF for sharing without losing editing capabilities.
  6. Easily update information by opening the original file and making changes.
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But if you want to do a whole officefull of people, InDesign using Data Merge is the way to go.
Get the info in Excel. Make the template in InD. Connect the two. Done. It’s even better if someone else does the data input into Excel. Most places have Microsoft Office and if doing this for a client, it’s easy for them to supply an Excel sheet. Otherwise, formatted text in Word or even email can happen.

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Thank you. I bought my iMac in 2012 and purchased Illustrator for something like 650. It is useless now and I refuse to pay Adobe a monthly fee for something I already bought. I have an iPad Pro so I’ve been playing around with Fresco which I like. I can export to PDF so I should be able to just do that, I’ll experiment.

Thanks. I explained the situation in another post regarding my iMac etc.

Maybe. I’ve never used Fresco?

However, in Illustrator, to optimize opening and editing the PDF, it should be saved as an editable document with no font subsetting. If it’s not saved that way, the document will open in Illustrator, but you’ll find lots of extra stuff, such as empty boxes and the text broken up into chunks. In addition, when someone else who doesn’t have the fonts used in the PDF opens the file in Illustrator, they won’t be able to edit the text without using a different font. I doubt Fresco has the options I mentioned, but I don’t know.

If you’re uninterested in paying Adobe a montly fee, you might be interested in buying a copy of Affinity Designer for US $60. It’s good software and does almost everything Illustrator does with no monthly rental fee.

Thanks for the info. I’m going to give Illustrator for iPad a try today as my iMac is too old now and I can’t even use the Illustrator I BOUGHT FOR 650 DOLLARS, sorry, I’m a little pissed. You’re right about Fresco, it’s not quite there yet, but I hope AI for my iPad Pro will do the trick. Thx.

The only version of Illustrator you could have bought legally was CS6 (and $650 is way too much…)
That should run on an older machine depending on the OS installed. It required a Java patch up thru Yosemite (I think it was Yosemite. Mighta been the last KittyKat version, can’t rememember.) After that, it may not run. The patch may no longer be available too.

You want Java 6. Try checking for old Java updates on Apple support. I just looked and I see they have the later mountain versions too.
Not saying this will work. Proceed with caution.
Download Java for OS X 2017-001

Yah maybe it was PhotoShop but I did buy both at one time and Canadian dollars is much more. Thanks for the advice, I’ll look into that. I forget what OS I have on it, it’s the latest one I could get, maybe Catalina. So annoying. At the moment I’m going through some Illustrator for iPad tutorials and will see what happens. Thx.

Do not use Photoshop for your initial question, making business cards with editable text.

If you do not want to spend money, use Inkscape which is free and decently good. The only thing using it is that it will work only for digital prints.

If you need mass-produced business cards, you probably need CMYK or spot inks separations.

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Hello! For creating documents and business cards with editable text, Adobe InDesign is a popular choice among professionals. It offers advanced layout and typography tools, making it perfect for designing materials that require editable text. While Adobe Acrobat is primarily used for creating and editing PDFs, InDesign is tailored for more intricate design projects. Feel free to explore both options based on your specific needs.