How to make Paint by numbers edges for JPEG

I’m from Poland, so my English is not very well, but…I can’t find tutorial or good advice on how to do it paint by numbers. I have Photo, I need edges and color palette. I check my skill’s in PS, AI and online. Nothing working. Can you help me?
This is Photo:

Not sure how good this would be but …
in PhotoShop use Magic Wand set with ‘Continuous’ off and click on a colour. This will give you a shape which you can outline (best on another layer). Do this until you have the whole picture done. You would have to put the numbers in manually …

It depends on how much detail you want (to eliminate), but a good way to start in Photoshop:

  1. Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen
    Crank the Amount and Reduce Noise sliders all the way up, with the Radius about halfway (value around 8)

  2. Filter > Stylize > Find Edges

  3. Image > Adjustments > Threshold
    Move the slider left (lower value) and watch the preview as until you feel like the step is productive to the right degree

After that, you’re essentially a victim of the original image, and will probably have to do a fair bit of selective erasing and other cleanup measures.

Thank you! All works :slight_smile:

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