How to make the graphics of my website attractive?

Hey Guys

I am running a successful website, but now I want to change the look and layout of my website. Also, the graphics on my website are not very impressive. Though I have a good amount of traffic on my website, I am not able to convert them into customers. I think it may be the graphics or maybe the overall look and feel of my website. I have some concerns, please can you guide me?

Do you have any recommendations for a good graphic designer to help me create a more visually appealing website?

Can somebody guide me on how I can make my website more attractive?

Can I avail discounts on graphic design tools? Is there any coupon or deal available at any site?

It might help if you supplied a link to your website to give people an idea of the problems you’re facing.

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Hey, thank you for your reply. Here is my website please check it and tell me what can I do to make it better

These statements appear to be contradictory. If your measure of success is not converting site visitors into customers, what is the measure of success you are using?

I think you have a trust problem. Graphic design can help with that to some degree, but I suspect there is more to it than the design. Tell me how your site works, please. (And I mean this, please tell us, it may help you get better advice.) As a potential user, I see a store I am interested in, I see a deal that looks good, and I click on “Get Deal.” After that, I’m told no code is needed, and there is a link to continue on to the store. This makes me thing you are running an affiliate site — which is fine, I guess — but how do I get the deal. Is the discount cookied in? How do I know that? What if I am an inexperienced web user that doesn’t understand cookies or affiliate links? It looks like it’s just a link to a store and, quite honestly, it feels shady. Also, it is apparent that English is your second language — at least I hope it is. You should have a native English speaker edit your website — assuming you are after a primarily English speaking target audience.