How to open a store in the creative market?

I have tried it many times without success. What should I do?

I tried to open a store from this link?

Sorry, I applied, but I was dismissed.

Basically speaking you should have a deep range of products that Creative Market can make money from. So instead of think ‘what do I have to sell’ … think ‘what can they make money from what I have to sell’ … it’s not about you … it’s all about them.

Take for instance a font designer, wall paper designers, hipster logo designer, etc., etc…

Can the font be?

Have you designed a lot of fonts? Do you have a portfolio or a tumblr or a behance?

It all helps … keep trying and ask them why you were dismissed.

They say that your products do not meet the needs of creative market users and we will not review your future applications. But my product is a font!

It sounds like you are still learning and your work doesn’t appeal to Creative Market. Perhaps you just need to keep practicing and getting better as a designer.

You are welcome to post your work in the The Crit Pit if you would like some feedback on the font. Maybe we can give you some pointers how to make it suitable for graphic designers or let you know why it wouldn’t be suitable.


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