How to prevent render crashes while rendering long videos or high-res vdieos?

I wish there was category for motion design over here since this is a topic regarding that. In this case the scenario would be a an audio visualization of a 6 hour long music mix and no available leverage of a render rig.
BTW the rendering software would be Media Encoder.

THANKS in advance!

Your computer may need more resources, you may need to update it. Also, quit other programs and don’t do anything else on your computer while is rendering. If the files you are working with are not on your local drive, move them there. It’s slower when you are working from an external drive and it may disconnect from it if it’s wireless, crashing the rendering. Make sure your computer doesn’t go to sleep while it’s rendering as well.


Also, have two separate physical disks: one for you media, and one for the cache. This way when you are encoding, the communication is faster and you don’t have any bottlenecks between the reading/writing processes.


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