How to recreate stroke effect

Hello all,

Im in need to re create this stroke effect bellow, on a shape in order for it to look similar.
either illustrator or photoshop

thanks a lotScreen Shot 2021-02-19 at 3.26.06 pm

Likely the font that is like that - and just add a stroke.
You might be able to find on the font by uploading an image to What the Font.

In illustrator.
Keep your editable text on a layer.
Copy it to a new layer.
Hide the original.

On the new layer.
Convert it to outlines.
Add a stroke.

Effect>Distort & Transform>Roughen
or whatever effect you want.

Smurf is right. That font is Creeper and that is part of the look and a stroke has been added.


Jeepers Creepers! How did you get those Peepers!
Good spot!

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I think this is the info they are looking for to apply to a shape

Works on text too - I tried first ha ha

Use the Appearance palette instead. No need to duplicate layers or keep an editable layer since the appearance palette adds the affect as non-destructive (and where you can modify and update the affect, you can also add a stroke (or multiple strokes) through the appearance palette.

This shows a quick example:

And here it is in outline view. The text is fully editable and you can update the font as well of course. You can also save the appearance as a graphic style so that you can apply it to other text or items.


Yep - that’s the way I’d do it - but I ddin’t know how to write it into a 4 line explanation at 5 in the morning :rofl:

I feel bad for anyone that has to be up at 5 in the morning. That’s pretty rough.

Didn’t HAVE to - but the dog wanted to get out for a wee. At that point I was up.

That’ll do it.

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Thanks to all for your suggestions!!

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