How to replicate this distortion and fade effect

Hello everyone, I am trying to replicate this circle beam light shape I did on Inkscape in illustrator, I was able to do it by using Roughen effect but the problem is that it doesn’t have the same smoking/fading effect on the strokes and I’ve been trying to play around with some other effects but couldn’t match it. any help would be very much appreciated!

Might need to stroke the path with a rough-looking art brush. I’m not much of an illustrator guy but that’s all I can think of.

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I don’t use Inkscape, but I’m puzzled how you got the fuzzy and highly detailed edge effect. Are the shapes vector or raster objects? The shapes have so much detail that the number of anchor points in a vector object would seemingly put such a load on your CPU that it would slow down working with the file to a crawl.

The bottom example, that you say is from Illustrator, shows more typical vector shapes with hard, smooth edges. Even in Illustrator, the number of anchor points would be so numerous that I would avoid doing it.

Like I said, I don’t use Inkscape, so I don’t know its capabilities, but my best guess is that the difference lies somewhere in the difference between raster and vector.

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It looks like there is a scatter brush applied to a stroke in the inkscape file (I don’t use inkscape.)

The illustrator file shows just a stroked line. Illustrator doesn’t have a lot of funky brushes on board, so you may have to find a brush source that mimics the one in inkscape.
stroke vs brush in Illustrator:


I will definitely try that thanks

yeah, it does have a pretty large amount of anchor points LOL, I tried opening the Inkscape file in Illustrator but it just removes the whole squiggle effect and all, even reducing the amount of anchor points.

I tried to retrace the steps of how I made this on Inkscape but could not do it nor remember how considering it was a while ago since it was made. It is a vector btw.

thanks for the help guys, I will keep trying. :saluting_face:

will try that and replicate thank you!

How do you create your illustrations then? Cos your portfolio is out of this world!

Thanks! I do most of my stuff in photoshop.

I can use Illustrator, sometimes if a character is needed for a style guide or large print, vector is the way to go. I’ll also use illustrator for logos and design.

But for illustration I generally prefer the immediacy of Photoshop, as I can get more of a hand-drawn feel in there.