How to reuse edited pictures or graphics?

I made a poster using a lot of jpegs & png graphics. I removed backgrounds, erased parts, cropped etc., but these edited images don’t end up going back into the uploads section. I wanted to use a lot of these same images for other projects, but can’t seem to figure out how to save just these elements somewhere that can be accessed by any project that I want to reuse them on.

What is “the upload section?” What do you mean they “don’t end going back into” there?

I’m mystified over what you’re saying. You can place whatever file you want wherever you want for subsequent use on other projects.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you’re confused by or what you’re trying to accomplish. Is there any way you can supply a bit more detail of the kind that will help us understand what you’re doing?

What software, tool or website do you use?

In Canvaa where you import your all your media you want to use in your project, called Uploads.

Yes, I can use any piece of media that I import, on any project, but the image is just the raw one without edits. I was just asking if Canvaa saves the edited image, so I don’t have to make the same changes every time I want to reuse it for another project.

Just using Canvaa Pro on PC

Thanks for the additional information. I don’t use Canva and know very little about how it works. Perhaps someone else here can help.

Don’t know much about Canva either - except that it produces havoc in printing RIPs.
Anyway - I had a look around Canva and don’t see anything obvious - but they do have a support centre.

You might be quicker asking them directly.

I think you’d be hard pushed to get any help on Canva around here. It is just not something pro designers would use. It is aimed squarely at the amateur market. There’s probably a forum for it.

This is the only thing I could find in a 2 minute search. Canva is not worth any more of my time.
The starting question is, do you have a Student or Pro (snicker) account? or are you using the free access?

Sorry, I didn’t realize that Canva was beneath y’all. I did a search for Canva help and this forum was listed number two on the front page, but apparently, even with my Pro membership, it will not be worth my time or energy to complete anything in this absolute waste of a website.

You have convinced me though, I will now start my pilgrimage to the Tibet Monastery to begin my 10-year training with the Adobe Monks. I will check back in with the group, if the monks have internet and if I am allowed the secret wifi key or I get access to a sling ring.

I’m sorry, @jcgrant78. You’re right, there is an annoyed attitude regarding Canva with most professional designers. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Canva is a tool built and marketed toward amateurs, which is totally fine. The problem arises when professional designers get clients who want the work done in Canva, and when professional print shops get Canva files that just aren’t up to snuff and can’t be printed without time-killing workarounds. It’s also cutting into our business from do-it-yourselfers, which doesn’t sit all that well with people who, otherwise, might be getting that business.

Canva has it’s place, and I’ve suggested it occasionally — the last time being today on this forum. However, its place isn’t with most professional designers who need tools — whether it’s Adobe, Affinity, Figma, or something else — without the paint-by-number limitations that Canva imposes on its target audience.

Please don’t take it personally. If Canva does what you need it to do, great! I hope you figure out the problem that brought you here. Here are a couple of Canva Facebook groups that might be a better fit:

You asked a forum of professional designers a question about software that is not something they would likely use, It is not aimed at professionals.

My comments about Canva were not about being elitist or dismissive. It is a tool that simply does not have the requisite functionality or complexity for professional work, so I was simply letting you know that you were not likely to get the answers you needed here and that you may find a specific forum where people would be able to answer your questions more effectively.

Around here, you will always get honest opinions, even if sometimes it is not what you want to hear.

Hope you find what you need.

It is beneath me. I use professional grade software, industry standard software, as I’m s professional designer.

I’m simply warning you of it’s limitations on print. We no longer accept pdfs created from Canva as they don’t work very well in a professional print environment.

We need to charge extra to rebuild the designs to professional grade.

Nothing wrong with using Canva.

As you’ve found limitations that you can’t save your assets to use later. Something professional grade software does quite easily.

So yes Canva is beneath me. I’ve no use for it. Similar to Ms paint. Ms publisher or a number of other software.

Good luck