How to search an Image with right keyword

Can anyone please tell me that, How to search an Image with right keyword in stock sites? as because most of the times, client needs unique images in design, for ex, If I need image for speech therapy, then I search it with same word may not be useful.
Instead I need to find it with what i want in that image, isn’t?
kindly clarify me, if possible please explain me with real examples of images and their keywords


Write down all the words you associate with the image you are looking for and type them into the keyword search. If you are having trouble, a thesaurus can be your frieind.

If you find an image that is close, look at the keywords for that image and use some combination of those.

What you ask is actually a skill that you need to learn to become a designer. No one can really give you a a solid answer because every image is unique.

Put it on quotes

You might find images on Google images vs faster. You could drag this images into stock sites and it will find similar images.

Use AND, NOT etc to include and exclude keywords.

Think outside the box. “Therapy” AND Adult AND Office AND Talk

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