How to simply resize selected elements, not page


Hoping someone could please kindly help. My goal is to resize all elements so that they fit perfectly within an a4 page.

How can I resize my selected group of elements to an a4 page size (not the page)?

If I manually resize the group, then I cannot tell if my elements are going outside of the page, or if they’re within (and thus a fine white boarder/space). If I manually resize then go to ‘download selection’ as PNG, there is a white border around, and essentially semes to ignore my sizing but is an A4 PNG.

The resize option does not resize the existing elements on the page, only the page itself.

I feel this is so simple. What am I missing here?


What software are you using?


What is Canva?

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Canva is the way of the future. Embrace it. Live it. Love it.
Or not.

Not. Don’t have to.

I’m afraid Canva and things like it probably are the wave of the future — at least for the do-it-yourselfer crowd. Why hire a designer when all a typical small business owner needs is a reasonable-looking postcard or flyer selected from a catalog of templates?

This approach has become routine in web design. Download WordPress for free, buy a theme, then make a few modifications and a small business’s website is good to go with no need to hire a developer and a web designer to build it from scratch.

The upper tiers of the professional design world will still get custom work from clients that need bespoke solutions. However, mid-range clients will likely just do much of it themselves or hire freelancers to make the tweaks.

Our business models are changing. There’s no good way around it.

It’s up to you as a designer to keep up with current trends. Learn Canva, learn Affinity, Learn Adobe.
Learn what you need to learn.

Typically, nothing has changed in circa 25 years. Still getting crap sent in and having to fix it up.

Nothing has changed, it used to be Word/Publisher/Powerpoint (and still is to an extent).

As a professional - make it work. That’s why they contacted you - that’s why they hired your services.

Receive the task. Get the task approved and signed off.
Deliver the task.

Unless coming from a design studio (and even then dubious practices) - I’ve always dealt with crap from do-it-yourself clients, whether that’s trying their hand in Affinity, InDesign, Editing PDFs, clunking something together in Illustrator or designing a whole magazine in Photoshop - imposing a dictionary in Quark.

The list of ignorance is endless.
But that’s why they come to the professionals.

Here’s a ball of string - please unknot it for me.
3 years later - oops I made a mess of a ball of string again - help.

The only thing that has changed is
I need it in 3 months
I need it in 3 weeks
I need it in 3 days
I need it in 3 minutes
I need it 3 days ago

^^ QFT

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