How to start the sides of the mascot?


i’m starting to work on my own mascots with Adobe Illustrator. Designing the front of the mascot is no problem for me. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to design the sides and back of the mascot. I’m afraid I can’t accurately hit the body size and curves. In other words, I’m afraid it will look like a different mascot in the final. Is there any solution to help? Any help? How to make your work easier when creating the sides of the mascot and the back of the mascot?

Thank you

Not sure what you mean by mascot and what your use is, or what your illustration skills are.

Usually one starts with pencil and paper (or tablet and sketch software.) Once you have the character sketch, it’s fairly simple to get the look right. It does require some understanding of form and perspective, particularly the use of foreshortening.

Another alternative is to use a posing software, where you can manipulate a maquette on screen to view the perspective you need if you aren’t proficient in drawing forshortened figures from memory.
I like to use Magic Poser as a simple reference, which is free online, but you still need to know enough about the human body and viewing angle to get the pose correct. The online version is very limited.

Here’s a simple character sketch I found online. You can see how they use horizontal lines and typical cartoon sketch construction to keep the figure in proportion in all poses.
Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 12.39.34 PM

When doing a mascot, it’s important to have easily identifiable characteristics and keep them consistent across your drawings.

I’m talking about more demanding mascots :slight_smile:

The concept is the same. Simple or complex it’s all about being able to visualize the view.
Illustrator is a 2-D program, so it’s all up to you.

Here is a whole bunch of Rotational Models, from simple sketch to complete. These are illustrative cuz that’s what I do. You might find more, using the description of whatever your more demanding image is. You might note that if you intend this mascot to be used a lot for branding purposes, the easier it is to manipulate, the better. IE, detail is not your friend but layers certainly can be. If you intend to use it for animation purposes, that’s a whole other animal.