How to test Canva book cover design

I designed book cover in Canva and need to test it to see if it will work with KDP before uploading it. I’m waiting for book edit to be finished. Then I have to upload them both. If I can test it now, I have 3 weeks to fix it before book is ready to upload. Anyone know a way to test my book cover design to see if it works with KDP?

Try and upload it. And if it works then it will load fine.
If it doesn’t - then there’s something wrong.

Made with Canva though - I wouldn’t hold my breath. Awful PDFs for print.

Thanks, KDP states that you have to upload both book and cover.
I took that to mean you only get a response if you upload both.
But I will look at it again.

You should get it color-corrected to make sure it will look right once printed.

Since you designed it using Canva and a random display, the printed colors will most likely look washed out and completely different from what you see on your screen.

You cannot trust your display for colour, correct. But unless your display is corrected to the output device it’s still a crapshoot.

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Canva is a crapshoot in print anyway. Color correction is probably secondary to it printing at all.