How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to PC Computer?


I have two queries here:

  1. I have an iPhone and wanted to know how to transfer photos to a PC Computer?
    Strangely when I plug it into my PC Computer, my computer’s mouse stops working and I can’t seem to use it. Any idea why that could be?

  2. How do I transfer lots of photos from my Apple Computer to a PC Computer? Any suggestions of a good USB Key that can be compatible to both?

If you have an iPhone, you can put your photos online and download them to any device.
When you say “usb key” do you mean a thumb drive? Any thumb drive can be reformatted to mac or pc by erasing it (even if it is empty). A Mac can use a PC formated thumb drive. But a PC will not read a Mac thumbdrive.
Be aware that reformatting ERASES all the data on the drive.

With the Mac not recognizing the drive, try a different USB port. Most wont work on an unpowered port like the ones on the keyboard. Or the drive has been used to death. Solid State devices have a finite number of rewrites before they goes toes up.

As for your other question regarding plugging your iPhone in to a PC, you have to do some setup on your PC first.
See if this helps:

You may have already thought of this… I put the pictures taken on my iPad in the Apple version of the Google Drive app, then access the pictures from my Dell laptop using the Google Drive app for Windows PC.

I’m interested in your question, because I still haven’t figured out how to transfer a video I shot on my iPad to my Windows PC. The video was shot two years ago!

Thanks. Those are some good points. Will try it out.

The issue is that there are lots of photos and Videos so maybe online transfer will take a while. It is an option though…

Best I feel is to buy a compatible USB Key that can transfer to both PC and Apple Computers. Then it should work I guess…

I may be missing something here … but have you plugged your phone into the PC with the USB cord? The one you use for charging?

That’s how I can transfer loads of pics to the PC from the iPad or Phone.


Maybe a little crude but I usually just email photos to my work account from the phone.

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Try to upload your files to a cloud and transfer them from there to your pc.

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What a simple solution. Thanks!

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You are very welcome :wink:

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