How to use a cintiq?

I’m thinking of getting a Cintiq 13HD and I wonder if anyone knows what kind of computer it needs? Like I’m not that good with computers and just want to know what I need in a computer for cintiq to work smoothly!

Looking at Wacom’s website, looks like either MacOS or Windows will work fine, you just might need to install some drivers, but those SHOULD come with it, if not a link to download them from their website. It also appears you’ll need a computer with an HDMI and USB Type-A port(your normal usb port, not the type C that comes on the new Macbooks and some Windows computers). Outside of that, it seems like as long as it’s not 10 years old or a cheap piece of garbage, it should work fine. Just shop around, and I’m sure you can find one within your price range.

Sorry if this isn’t a whole lot of help, just what I could find. Good luck :slight_smile: