How to use adobe after effects from

I want to practice using AE templates from videoblocks or somewhere else. But I only own adobe cs6 version. Do you know if other version will work with cs6, such as cc or cs5.5 etc?

I’m guessing I’ll use youtube to learn the editing

But is anyone here familiar with adobe after effects and videoblocks or templates in general?

Typically each template, or what you would call “project” in AE, will tell you in what version of After Effects you can edit it (for example, “CS4, CS5 and CS6”). If you use a version that is not listed, especially an older one, you may find some characteristics missing.

What may be a bigger problem are the plugins. Some projects are made using special plugins bought to third parties which are added to the program, so make sure to select a project that do not use them if you want to start learning After Effects from them.

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