How to use such bluetooth earphones properly?

Has anyone had the experience of using the following earphone:

I’ve been having some ear pain on the external region…

I guess I’ve been placing it or using it the wrong way. I haven’t found any resources so far which deals with my concern.

I would love to know how to use it properly.

THANKS to everyone in advance.

I apologize for the bad product photography though. :stuck_out_tongue:

They did an article on these when they first gained popularity, and it turns out, based on your ear shape you may experience discomfort or have the device not remain on your ear. I, myself experience pain on the top portion of the ear, AND have the device fall off constantly. In fact, I’ve discontinued use of them.

The round, earbud style seem to stay in my ear, but no one seems to be able to hear me on the mic (that dangling cord setup)

Just in case you’re not putting on correctly, the bottom of the “L” shape on the bud fits into the lower ear, and the clear, crescent shape piece will wrap around the outside, back of the ear.

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I think the two white pieces of plastic may be optional and to be used individually. Does the one white piece attached to the head set come off? Try to use the earphone that way. And the white plastic hook: I guess the small hook goes on the head set and then you hang it over your auricle. That should place the earphone in front of your ear opening without the need to push it in.
I can only use earphones with outer hooks because they won’t stay in my ears by them selves.

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I used to use these in my car. I eventually found it easier to use a portable bluetooth speaker.

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