How was this heart at the center created?

Couldn’t create the heart while analyzing this logo(haven’t used the pen tool yet). Was this created using simple shapes, the pathfinder and the shape builder tool? Or was the pen tool used to create this?
Is there a way to create this using simple shapes?

Looks like pen tool to me. Why are you avoiding the pen tool? It’s the most used tool in the program.


Make half tht heart with the pen tool.
Make sure the top and bottom points align vertically, then use the mirror tool to flop-copy it, then align the point exactly and join.

To align the points vertically there are a number of different methods, the simplest being using the smart guides, then double checking by using the white arrow tool and picking those two points and using your align palette (because you want it to be perfect for joining.)
To align the flopped copy, select both halves, click on one half to highlight it (both will still be selected, just one will have a darker outline,) then go to your align palette, click the little menu to show options, then enter zero in the spacing box and hit the horizontal spacing align button. This will put the shapes next to each other with no space between them.
Select both shapes and command+J (on a mac.)

Before you add the finger, copy and paste the heart on a new layer. You’ll need it later to make that white outline.

You add the finger by making the shape, select the finger and the original heart, align both pieces to their left sides (use align palette again,) then uniting it to the heart with the Pathfinder>Unite button.

Now you get to figure out how to do the white outline.


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