How was this produced?

HI All. First post. I stumbled upon this interesting design and it’s been nagging me on how this would have been produced and bound. Any ideas? I can’t find much info on the project and no other photos to give any hints.


I think it would just be a stack of printed sheets die cut into the shape of a bottle and then bound with glue, like tear-off-sheet notepads.

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That’s what I think too, but I don’t have experience with that binding much. I tried doing it with a magazine that is bound like that and it just doesn’t want to work as well as I was hoping. Also, how do you latch the two ends together?

Once again, I just think glue was used to connect it together — probably a different, harder glue from the flexible adhesive used on the perfect binding, but still, it’s just basically been glued together.

The Coke bottle thing is clever and memorable, but it would be quite easy to produce, print and bind.

Did you ever buy/see a Christmas or wedding bell, or other holiday ornaments like a snowflake in a stationary store? I think they are called Honeycomb ornaments. This looks pretty similar to that. The front cover is clipped to the back cover with a simple clip that slides flat over the two pieces. That way it can be folded back up for storage.

I know what you are talking about, but those require that you glue each page together right?

I think Mr.B has it right, but I just can’t imagine mass production of something like this. I wish there were a video of these honeycomb decorations being made.

Also, with perfect binding, the pages wouldnt stay open like they would need to

These were glued on the edge like a note pad … not glued in the manor of honeycomb. I just used that as a reference as to how it was opened and connected. I thought that was what you wanted to know :wink:

RKK got it right.
Here is the clue as to how this goes together.
BTW, this was designed by Ayşe Çelem Design in Turkey.

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So one of these bad boys, right?
Sorry for that horrible background music. But I felt like this was the best example to show @terzdesign

Yeah, when I worked at a print shop, we stacked sheets up and weighted them down with a couple of bricks (though you can use a vice like in the video RKK posted), then applied padding glue with a paintbrush. Once, dried, we split up the pads by hand. Very low tech.

They show that method as well with bricks or a heavy old book :wink:

I only mentioned the honeycomb ornament to explain how it would open and close. The coke bottle is NOT a honeycomb gluing technique. It’s glued on one side only as in the first video :wink:

But, now I want to make a honeycomb ball lol :smiley:

Yeah I guess the example I showed would have lead you to believe I was talking about the gluing technique. So my bad there. I just wanted to know if that was the ornament you were talking about.

Also same. I don’t know why but I’ve been really jonesing some arts and crafts projects recently.

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I gotcha … and yes that was the type I was talking about. When I first saw the bottle I thought about the old bells from Hallmark right away :smiley: … I don’t think they even make them anymore :wink:

… and I am the crafting Queen as I call myself LOL. I love little projects to keep the mind occupied :wink:

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