How we can make an animation like this in after effects?

I saw this

Can someone please tell me how can I make this kind of typography in after effects???

Should make the logo in illustrator then bring it in after effects , then convert it into shape layer and then animate it frame by frame ? Is there a more efficient why that could make it more smooth ?

Yes, after effects is sadly a bit useless without a lot of plugins, so Id recommend looking into one that can help you with this. You can go to [] ( or wait for the software Cavalry to be released which is highly anticipated :slightly_smiling_face:

@Khuzaima as a follow up from last post: Cavalry is here! :upside_down_face:

The way I can think of doing something like this would be to use strokes as a mask of the different layers of art (you’ll have to cut it up in your art program). This way you just have to animate the stroke and it’ll reveal smoothly with “easy ease”.

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