How/where to print a digital illustration poster?

I would like to print a poster of my portrait done by an illustrator, but I am not sure what kind of printing and paper is best for a digital illustration, could you give me some advice? Do you know of any suitable printing services in Europe? Thanks

I am assuming you are only looking for a single print, correct?

If that’s the case, I’d look either for a photo lab or a print vendor that has a large-format inkjet printer. Neither of these are hard to find in the U.S. We do have a couple of European-based members. Maybe they can offer a local recommendation.

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Hi, yes correct, we have a lot of print service in Europe too, my main concern is which paper is more suitable, perhaps there is some paper more suitable for illustrations, compared to common photographic papers. Would a typography that prints posters work well? The illustration is a vector with a solid color background

Paper choice is up to the designer, and paper offerings will vary from one service provider to the next. You could make a traditional photographic print on glossy paper, you could print to a matte photographic paper, you could print to a linen stock, you could print to metal … it’s up to you and your vision, really.

As a quick example, I have a photo hanging in my house that I took of a forest scene in the fall. I opted to have it printed on metal since I thought the colors would look super vibrant on the metal. They do, and everyone that sees it is impressed. But metal isn’t the right substrate for everything.

If the goal is to have more of a fine art / giclée feel, a matte or even a textured paper would work better. Or maybe a basic glossy inkjet stock would work.

It would be tough for me to recommend a specific stock without seeing the actual art.

If you don’t have a strong vision, perhaps the best thing would be to find a local printer you can visit and see their stocks in person.

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Perfect! Thanks again :slight_smile: