How will you describe this design style?

I have to hire a designer for a redishn of my old website. I have found indspiration pictures and i know want to make a description og the design style so that future freelancer can understand what i am looking for. I like design with realistic pictures of plant and hair. My company is a hair salon. The big question is i dont like boxes, i like in my own words. A free flow design type. Where all the images have removed their bagground and where there are no square boxes but if the are boxes their have more of a organic design. Can you help me with some key words to describe the images that i attached here?

I’m not sure of the name - if there is a specific name for this style. I honestly think your best bet is to show this to the web designer you choose and explain just as you did here. I’m not a web designer and I get what you are saying. So, I’m sure they would as well :wink:

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As a designer myself, I’d much rather have a few pictures of what you’re after than only a verbal description. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ideally, do both, then explain what it is you like about what you’re showing. In addition, explain your reasoning and how you think it will help achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

A good designer isn’t someone who simply creates what clients like. A good designer is a partner in helping you achieve objectives through effective visual communication that resonates with the target audience.

I noticed that your examples are from a crowdsourcing site. If that’s where you’re intending to find the kind of designer I just mentioned, well, good luck. Most experienced professional designers won’t go near the contest sites.

I agree with Just-B wholeheartedly. Sites like, 99Designs, and the like, are a cheap source of work.

Think of it like this, in your salon, would you get the cheapest source of chemicals for your clients? The quickest solution to chairs and save money at the risk your client would be uncomfortable?

Same goes for branding and graphic work. If you fon’t spend the money to do it right, you will end up doing the work twice.

Also make sure the site doesn’t just look nice, there has to be a rhyme and reason, a pathway for your client to complete a task you want them to commit to. Thats the approach I take when I make client sites…

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