How would you improve my website?


I haven’t yet published my website, but the design is almost finished.

You can see for example the ‘Works’ page here:

I would need help with the layout of the logo, texts and the navigation and further texts like the gallery instructions. How could they be arranged better without losing the information?

And here is the landing page, but I think it’s alright already:

gearnoodle .com/indexREAL.html

Thank you everybody!

(Sorry about the scattered links but I’m not allowed to post full links - which in my mind sucks because this is the WEB DESIGN category for … sake. Okay. Thank you.)

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Ah, posting the problem made me analyze the problem more clearly.

I came up with this.

Can it be taken even further?

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Ah, made the logo more important, reduced the size of the not-that-important text.

And also made the logo and text blocks to be the same width as the line.

Can this be taken even further?

I fixed your link :slight_smile:

No one who is brand new is allowed to post links. We would be buried in SPAM otherwise :wink:

Oh and … Welcome Aboard!

Ah yes, understandable. Thank you!

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