How Would You Label My Job?

I work for a company that has been growing at a fairly fast rate and I recently got promoted!

If you’ve seen any of my other posts you might know that I was operating a small print shop within the company to fulfill small run jobs.

I did some what you might call graphic design, it consisted mostly of creating product mockups and placing the customers artwork onto templates to send off to other vendors (for larger projects).

Die lines, score lines, special effects, and image conversions were a large part of what I did (and still do).

However now with my promotion I’m overseeing in-house print production from afar and transitioning to a new role that consist of creating look books for the company I work for, as well as for some of our other clients with their branding on it.

I am also working on project proposals, and I am now in charge of the email templates and automation that we use internally, helping troubleshoot CRM complications, doing some logo creation/refinement for some of our programs, communicating with and advocating with some of our team members to make sure we have an inclusive company culture, and I was told that I would eventually have a role in the onboarding process for new employees and their experience in transitioning to our team.

Parts of this includes creating a welcome kit, designing apparel with our company logo on it, etc.

With this transition, they have my job title as “Designer” - but I am wondering… is there a more specific or accurate title that fits?

I know titles are just a formality, but I’m curious.

I’m not sure there is any kind of formal title for what you’ve described. Designer is as good as anything, I suppose.

I once had a job leading a government creative team (an oxymoron, I know) that served several different government agencies.

They recruited me for the job, but the government pay scale wasn’t high enough to interest me, so I initially turned it down. They finally hired me at a higher pay rate by classifying me as a senior-level biologist, which had nothing to do with the job other than one of our clients being a wildlife agency.

If I were your supervisor, I’d be calling you an Internal Communications Manager.

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