How would you make a font in adobe software?

aside from telling me to practice, and aside from telling me to look it up on places like google and youtube, no disrespectful or hurtful comments allowed. but tell me how you would make a font in photoshop, illustrator and indesign, step by step with text only, in the comment section if possible

Illustrator is the way to go :slight_smile:

Other than that I’ll leave the tips and tricks to the folks who have actually made fonts. All I know is it’s a long and arduous undertaking. And nothing I ever wanted to tackle … as much as I love a nice font :wink:

I won’t provide step-by-step instructions, but I will give you some advice.

If by “font” you mean creating a font file that you can install on a computer, you have several option.

A quick-and-dirty font can be created in Illustrator and exported to an installable file using an Illustrator extension called Fontself. This won’t create a high-quality font, but it’s good enough for scanning in your handwriting and converting it to an installable file (that might or might not print correctly).

If you’re after better quality, there’s a free tool called FontForge. It’s possible to create good work in FontForge, but it’s awkward to use.

For higher-end, high-quality, commercial fonts, several font-creation programs exist: FontLab, Glyphs and RoboFont are the three big ones. I use both FontLab and Glyphs (they’re not cheap), but I’ve never used RoboFont. Almost all quality, full-featured commercial OTF and TTF fonts are made with one of these three applications. There’s a steep learning curve, however, in addition to the skill, talent and experience needed to design a good typeface.

…and time. A lot of time.

Why do you want to know? You asked another complex query the other day in the same format of question.

There is no easy answer.

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