How would you make this design in photoshop?

aside from telling me to practice, and aside from telling me to look it up on places like google and youtube, no disrespectful or hurtful comments allowed. but tell me how do this design below, step by step with text only, in the comment section if possible
The design: DJ-Night-Club-Flyer-Template


It’s not a hard one, but there are likely 40 or 50 things going on here.

It boils down to finding or creating the right images, stacking them on top of one another, then experimenting with various tonal and color changes, blurs, shadows, opacities, highlights, various filters, etc.

The type, once again, just needs to be stacked in various layers, some of it outlined, and moved to the desired positions. It appears as though the large headline in the top image has been outlined with an inner shadow applied to it.

Honestly, this would be an easy one for someone who, as you didn’t want to be told, had lots of practice behind them. There’s no real step-by-step method to these kinds of things. Instead, it’s a matter of taking what one has learned through lots of experience and recombining it all in different ways to produce things that are new.

By the way, I just combined your two separate posts into one.

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Here is what I do. Find the files

Buy it.
Study it.

There’s a help file included.
The author of the image gives their contact details too, if you need help.

  1. Create blue background
  2. Create wispy background or use stock image abstract.
  3. Get image of crowd. Melge with other background.
  4. Make blue bars and outer glow.
  5. Write name and apply same stroke and fill
  6. Get picture of person and remove background
  7. Apply last dance font
  8. Add text to bottom.

But you could buy the file for $9 study it and learn from it.


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