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I feel like I’ve asked something similar before, but here goes. Is anyone aware of a tool/online service/whatever that allows for the creation of email templates that can then be used by designated users, where they have essentially the limited capability of adding copy, using pre-determined styles (such as headings, body copy, etc.) and possibly even dragging and dropping designed “sections”?

Does that make sense?

The key feature I am looking for is creating “bulletproof” templates that people within my company with zero design sensibility can add their copy, links, bullets, etc. into but that they have zero control over changing the font, messing with font sizes, changing colors of elements, inserting clipart. Etc. Basically breaking.

Is this an alternative. Just read the features didn’t used it…

Not really, but thanks for reading and offering a suggestion. It’s not so much the creation side, its more the “distribution and use” side that I need a solution for.

Essentially, similar to PDFs and forms. In that example I’m able to design exactly what I need and then by PDFing it I can ensure that the end user can’t “break it”, then by using form fields they can update content, but not change the design and layout. That’s what I’m “basically” looking for. Sharing an HTML email template, but only in a way that the end user can add content, not make layout or design changes.

What you want to do will only be possible in HTML.

Making a Div to those things that can be edited…

I don’t know html at all so somebody else has to come to the rescue

Good luck

As you already know, most HTML email services use a WYSIWYG interface that allows for all kinds of tweaks, which you don’t want. The only one I’m familiar with that has the kinds of lock-down feature you need (since we manage it for some of our clients) is one called GovDelivery, but it can only be used for government agencies and it costs $40,000 per year.

I know nothing about this service — CampaignMonitor — but they claim to have similar lock-down capabilities:

What that Campaign Monitor page is showing is promising. I may need to do some more research, but that is essentially what my team needs (we are an internal marketing team where we have other internal groups wanting to send and create department emails.)

If anyone here has used that feature on Campaign Monitor and can give their review/feedback, even better.

Also, if anyone knows of any other HTML email service that provides something similar, that would be great to know as well. Thanks again @Just-B

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