Huge Question about how to create a dynmic Logo

Hey all!=)

I would like someone to create a special Logo, but who should I look for? Let me explain!

I want to create a design that shows the CO2 and Water usage of products, this design will be printed on different products.

But every product has a different CO2 and Water Usage. This means that the Logo has the be adaptive. I will have to be able to change the percentage measures in the Logo.

For example:

Bottled Water (50% Water Usage, 20% CO2 Usage)
Plastic Bag (80% Water Usage, 40% CO2 Usage)

What kind of professional can create such a Logo? I was trying to text some Logo designers on but no one could design a Logo I have to adapt later.

What is the name of the professional I can contact?

Sounds like you are looking for some sort of app that you can plug in 50% water and 20% CO2 and have a logo dynamically (automatically) generated and saved in a format you could use. Hmm. That’s an interesting problem to solve. I’ve never worked on a project like this, so I don’t have an immediate answer. The thing to do would be a one-on-one interview to probe into the details with regards to how the logo will be used to come up with the best solution. My strong hunch is that the more automated the process is, the more it’s going to cost you in terms of initial budget – but your ROI should be there over the long term.

I’m unsure I’d call what you’re needing a logo. It’s more like a consistent and recognizable piece of artwork where you’d modify the words and percentages as needed.

Since you want to be able to change the words and numbers as needed, you’d need software to enable you to do that. You likely wouldn’t want a recurring monthly fee for the software, so Affinity Designer would work.

I already have a sketch, because it is much less complicated than it sounds.

How can I post pictures?

Can you grab a screen capture? If so, just paste it into the reply field. You can also save what you have to .jpg or .png and drag and drop it into the reply field.


This is from the internet. I only need to change the yellow bar in the Logo. The yellow bar is indicating the percentage.

I hope that Imaged helped.

Thank you.

That is basically it. I am looking for someone who can create a Logo similar to that, but I need to be able to change the yellow bar afterwards.

Everyone I texted on Fivr yet rejected my offer. I am not sure who to contact :confused:

So, just to clarify. It sounds as if you need an icon more than a logo per se. An icon that varies based on on the product.

Good summary. I need the Icon and I will have to be able to change the yellow bar around it depending on the product.

I just founded an NGO, I am calculating the impact of products. I calculate Water Usage, GWP100 (CO2 Gases), Waste and Fair Labour.

All for Icons should have a bar around it which I will have to be able to change, depending on the product. That Graphic will later be printed on products of small and medium sized companies.

This is all off the top of my head, but assuming you used Affinity Designer (or any graphics software), you’d need some minimum skills in the program. In Adobe Illustrator, there are graph making tools that could handle the percentage changes to redraw the circle (it’s basically a pie chart). However, you’d need a monthly subscription to the software.

Another way to handle it would be to create 130–360 versions of the graphic, then just choose the one you need based on the percentage breakdowns. That sounds like a lot of work, but not all that difficult.

@Just-B has good advice. If you are only doing whole percentages, in theory you could just create (or have someone create) an initial batch of each variant and label them as such, then you have a library that you can just select the appropriate version instead of creating it on the fly.

You could even do 5% increments so you’d only need 20 versions of the icon rather than 100 versions of the icon. I don’t know if the end user will be able to spot that an icon that is for 14%, for example, is graphically 15%.

I see that is what you mean. So just to clarify, I can ask someone to create the Graphic I want just with different percentages. I could also go with 5 pertage of steps at the beginning. So I wouldn’t need to many pictures.

Thx that was very helpful.

I am just at the start, I need something to work on this. We had the same Idea Steve .p THX:)

Yes, As @Steve_O and @Just-B recommended I would create or have someone create the 20 versions you need and then you have the library of icons that you can use as needed.

I was thinking about the 5 percent changes. But to have that in the Graphic I updated is maybe not possible. I would need an extremely high amount of pictures.

Or did I misunderstood ur solutions? I am more sure :smiley:

This can all be done in a web 2 print solution.

You load your bank of icons. You load your percentage bars.
And you load text option instead of icons.

Then you’ll have a sidebar for what you want to include:

Then you download the asset you generate.

There are plenty of places that offer Web2Print solutions.
Look them up in your area.

The other option I just thought of now is you can make a Layered file.

You can have all your percentages loaded.
All your icons.
All your Text

Just select which layer you wish to use.

It’s a bit unclear as to the final use of these -
is it for print?
Is it for the web?
Is it for MS Word?

You could also have an interactive PDF that you can load images into.
And insert text.

this way you can select what needs to go where.

All the images will be static - so you can’t change them.

But I think the Web2Print portal would be best for you - it’s safer - and it’s basically loading from a database.

You could load from a database into the design progams, but it’s cumbersome and adding new images/text/percentages could be time consuming.

If you provided your images to a Web2Print portal - you just login and use the CMS to select what you need.

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