Huion H640P or XP-Pen G640S?

Hi! I decided to buy a cheap Pen Tablet to draw anime/manga images but also other things and which is compatible with Android and Windows, so I seen the Huion HS64 or H640P.
After some time on the web I noticed the XP-Pen G640S and now I don’t know which one to buy. I don’t know if it’s my impression, but i saw that the XP-Pen draws smoother lines than the Huion, maybe for the accuracy (±0.1mm XP-Pen, ±0.3mm Huion).
The important thing is that it is compatible with Android and that it works well for anime draw.
If you know any other Pen Tablet which is better, please tell me (the price must be around 40).
Thank you for your availability!!!

I’d be interested to hear answers to this as I’m in the market for a good tablet right now.

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Please, I need an advice soon

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