Huion Insiproy 950P surface is oddly rough

So I have had a huion inspiroy 950p for about 2 months now, because I wanted to get into digital art. And I have done osu! on the side (Hover play style)
And I was wondering why my tablet’s surface is oddly rough even though I press lightly

Also is the tablet supposed to be kind of glossy?

I am just so scared that I am miss treating it.

If anyone can help with this issue thanks!

You might be better off asking this in a tech forum. This is a graphic design forum :wink:

There might be a slight chance someone knows … but don’t expect much in the line of answers.

Thank you, I will test my luck there. I just didn’t really find any where else that looked nice after a short google search.

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No worries … I just didn’t want you to think the question was being passed by. :slight_smile:

I still couldn’t find anything close to what i was looking for, so I guess I will just get over it.

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