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Hello! i’m a freelance illuatrator of online magazine and i would like to buy a graphic drawing tablet. huion or wacom which one is the best drawing tablet for beginners? (huion is much cheaper than wacom, is it good?)

HUION Giano WH1409 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet US$156.75

is it ok? anyone use huion tablet before? please…

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I did the switch from Wacom to Huion pen displays and am happy with the Huion. Far less expensive and the quality is good so far. I’ve had the Huion for about six months.

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Hi praxis,

Thanks for your comment. I heard that Huion’s product made in China, that’s why the price is cheaper than Wacom. Do you know how long is the offical warranty on Huion products? provides local 12 months warranty (I live in Australia), also is the lowest price (cheaper than ebay)

can trust?

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The major differences between Huion and Wacom are in levels of pressure sensitivity and in the resolution of the digitizer screen. The Wacom Intuos models also allow for application-specific settings in the software.

I have both Wacom Intuos Pro small and XP-Pen DECO 02 tablets. I like both–they both have their own properties. I like the DECO 02 Graphics Tablet size ( 10x5.63 Inch ) … Intuos Pro small is TOO small (that includes the active field 6x3.7 Inch ) and large…my desk can’t hack that. The DECO 02 pressure sensitivity levels is two times more than that of the Wacom but there’s only so much you need.

When I found out there was such an animal as a tablet, and a “painting” software, I felt my prayers had been answered. SNES Mario Paint started that feeling. I’d use that thing for HOURS (having to get cat hair out of the “mouse” frequently) but I hoped for much more. I use my tablets for fun.

offical store :

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I would guess that Wacom outsources their production as well and that they simply fill a high-end market nitch.

I bought straight from Huion. I’m sure you can easily lookup their warranty policy.

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