Hunting for personal blogs and pages

Hey, GDF folks-

Prior to social media, there were a lot of personal blogs and websites - many innovative things (experiments in the time of ‘dynamic HTML’) and many handmade rabbit holes to find yourself lost in. I’m looking to see if this is still done in 2018.

I realize there is a topic here in the forums that asks for your ‘online profile’ - so I apologize for some overlap. Looking for:

  • Any personal projects you’ve done (non-commercial, non-software, just fun artsy or impassioned stuff) that you can link me to.
  • Any sites you’ve run across recently that inspired you, perplexed you.
  • And where else I might find people doing work like this. (You can’t just google for ‘personal blogs’ and come up with anything very interesting.)

Thankyou for any help you can offer! If you end up wanting to share a site even a month from now, please still reply - I will absolutely look at the link.

The best website of all time (you may have to activate Flash):

Because Anything is Possible at zombocom.


Great site, thankyou for the reminder :wink:
Know of any newer sites out there?

And why is it you are asking? What will you do with/at/on/to the ones you learn about?

Make a directory of them like I did last month:
Sorry - not very salacious. :sweat_smile:

Like for a link exchange?

I just like to see what’s out there - to discover what’s happening with web design in the present.
It’s also interesting to pop in on different design forums, to get a sense of the mood there. I appreciate your curiosity, DocPixel.

Not so much curiosity… as protectiveness. I’m sort of a border collie.

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