I am a beginner and i need expert advice

i am beginner and i am interested in graphic design.
can somebody tell me where and how to start it and what is the scope of a graphic designer today and in future.
your help means a lot to me ,thank you

How it will pan out if the future… If I knew that, I’d be far wealthier than I am now!

The way to start – and continue – is education and then experience. In today’s market, if you want to play with the big kids, you won’t even get a look in without a good degree from a good university. Studios are almost certainly going to discount any application from self-taught designers, unless they truly have a stand-out portfolio, but the chances of this are pretty slim. If you want to bottom-feed, earning $50 here and there from competition sites (if you are lucky), then YouTube and Canva are the way to go. If you want to understand what design is and what you are doing then there is no substitute for actually being qualified – at very least a mentored entry level job, where you learn on the job for a few years.

Your screen name is “the illustrator”
Word of warning.
Graphic Design is NOT about your Art. Far from it. It is about conveying another person’s message to another group of people, and neither may have anything in common with your Art.
Far too many students “interested in design” are interested because they are “artistic” or “have a natural flair” or whatever. If that describes your interest in design, find a better paying field of employment and keep your Art as a hobby.

If that doesn’t describe you, then what Sprout said. In the US, an entry level graphic design position is a 4-year degree AND 2 years of experience. If you aren’t working internships or part time jobs starting in your junior year, you are behind the eight ball. The road to freelance is having a full time job in the filed for 5-10 years, learning all the ropes you can (there will always be new things to learn) and then after you have the contacts and the chops maybe decide if you are ready to run a business on your own. Freelance is a business. Taxes, bills, overhead and all. Design is maybe only 30% of a freelance gig.

Here in the US, as PrintDriver mentioned, a relevant 4-year university degree and good internships are becoming increasingly important to find a position as a working design professional.

In other parts of the world, that might not be the case. You might get more relevant advice if you mentioned where you live and what your objectives are.