I am confused

I shared one of my logos on social media. And two people want to buy it. But the first one is not sure and he told me he will contact me when he decide to buy it officially, I told him OK just contact me when you ready. The second one contacted me later and said he wants it too, He is ‘more sure’ than the first one. What should I do? Is it possible that you sell the same logo to different people? Because I see some times logos for sale, When someone bought it, They take it out from the store or what? Please help me I am a beginner.

I think most of us here design a logo specifically for the company or individual who commissions it so it would be unique for one and only one company. However, I would say in the case of a generic and ready made logo, it depends on some sort of terms and conditions that you as the designer would and should create. If you sell a ready made logo with the understanding that it will be only sold to one company and uniquely theirs, and thus, possibly be able to be registered / trademarked, then you could sell it for more. Some of the “stock logos” I have seen make no claim to being unique or registerable as a trademark, and are licensed like any other stock graphic that other individuals and businesses might purchase.

I think anyone who buys a logo and does not consider or expect exclusive rights is naive. But many that do use stock type logos are very cheep and don’t really care. If $25 or something is all you want to spend on your brands image, you really can’t have too high of expectations.


Then what should I do now. What would you do?

You tell the second guy someone has already expressed interest in it but it’s his if the first party backs out.
Then you tell the first party that someone else is interested in the logo and you really need a decision one way or the other right away.

Do not sell to both. Do not sell to anyone else after you sell it to whichever buys it.
Never consider a logo to be a stock image item. The people who do that, and the stock companies that sell them as stock are taking advantage of their clients who don’t know any better. In any other world, this would be considered unethical. While a lot of sites say the logo will be sold only once, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the same logo, by the same artist, on multiple sites with varying license agreements.


Thank you so much. That was so helpful.

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