I am looking for a talented designer!($45.00-$85)

Hi folks!
I am looking for a talented designer!($45.00 - $85.00 / hr)
Most of the candidates skip the detailed part of the posting and just read the first part.
So, I am going to tell you this before the main content, ignoring the order.


Before DMing me, you should show me something (a real design project) that makes me believe that you have worked with Robinhood, Plaid, Wealthfront, and Bettermint before.


Created is a boutique wealth advisory on a mission to make the world of finance clear, approachable and beautiful.
Job Description:
We are looking for a creative and detail-oriented Freelance Graphic Designer with expertise in data visualization. This role involves creating social media images, infographics and visual aids to align with our mission and brand aesthetics.
-Design compelling infographics and visual aids for social media and digital platforms.
-Collaborate with the content team to translate complex financial data into engaging visuals.
-Participate in bi-weekly 30-minute Zoom meetings to brainstorm and align on the content calendar.
-Implement and adhere to our existing branding guidelines in all designs.
-Experience in graphic design and data visualization.
-Strong portfolio demonstrating skills in infographics and visual storytelling.
-Proficient in graphic design tools.
-Expertise in designing for social media and digital platforms.
-Ability to work independently and incorporate brand identity into designs.
We are excited to welcome a freelancer who can bring our financial concepts to life through powerful and aesthetic visuals. (

“talented designer” and “$45.00 - $85.00 / hr” don’t equate.


What do you mean?
Too less?

If “Too less” makes sense, then Yes.


A professional freelance designer is more in the range of $150 - $300 per hour. This isn’t like a salaried employee, freelancers have a lot of other expenses that factor into their rate.

Even when working from home, there are computers, software, printers, high-speed internet connections, supplies, business insurance, professional services, no paid time off, and more.

In the U.S., there’s health insurance (a huge expense), the full share of Social Security taxes, no employer-matched retirement contributions, sales taxes in some states, and still more.

Add that to the inevitable non-billable downtime spent keeping books, marketing, jobs falling through, waiting for clients, etc.

And so far, I’ve only mentioned expenses that are above and beyond the normal living expenses everyone deals with.

What seems like reasonable wages for a full-time, salaried employee is a recipe for living in poverty for a freelancer.

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The key word is “talented”, not crowd-sourcing feeders.

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I figured if any “talented” designers who had done work for the mentioned high-viz brokerage companies wanted to apply, it’s up to them to decide whether or not that rate was acceptable.

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